single lock standing seam

Standing seam - Warm roof

on rigid insulation (Structural Roof)


With this warm roof system, ZINC PLUS Standing seam can be installed on rigid insulation without ventilating the underside of the ZINC PLUS. Fixed through to the deck with special fixing clips and screws supplied by VMZINC.

Surface finishes as follows

 Natural Zinc PLUS,
 in blue, brown, green and red

Thickness 0.7mm
Weight* Kg/m² 6 kg/m² (Average)
Pitch from 3° to 70°

Simplicité de pose BBA certificated.
Technicité Air tightness.
Simplicité de pose Speed of installation.
Simplicité de pose Simplified roof detailing.


  • Steel deck.
  • Timber deck.

This deck is covered by a bituminous vapour barrier with a high water vapour resistance installed with cold or hot glued joints. The insulation is either onto mineral wool or some types of PIR. All insulation materials have to resist a compression strength of minimum 50kPa (0.5kg/cm2), at a maximum 10% bend.

  • With this build-up the vapour barrier is crucial.

The insulation material has to comply with building regulations (i.e. fire resistance).

  • Between the ZINC PLUS and the insulation, the VMZINC Breather Membrane (link to 8.1 VMZINC Membrane) is fixed with an overlap depending on the pitch. For a pitch lower than 14º the joints must be taped, between 14º - 22° there must be an overlap of 200mm, just steeper than 22° or unless it changes above 40º there must be an overlap of 150mm.

NB: The information relating to the installation of insulation and membranes is simply an indication. The choice and installation of these products will be in accordance to the manufacturers instructions.

*With this build-up, the use of a bituminour vapour barrier is crucial to its performance.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.