single lock standing seam

Standing Seam -

Warm roof on insulated metal-faced panels

With this warm roof system ZINC PLUS standing seam can be installed on insulated metal-faced panels without ventilating the underside of the ZINC PLUS.

Surface finishes as follows

 Natural Zinc PLUS,
in blue, brown, green or red

Thickness 0.7mm
Weight* Kg/m² 6 kg/m² (Average)
Pitch from 3° to 60°
Technicit√© The insulated metal-faced panel provides a good substrate for the installation of VMZINC as it offers a level, clean deck free of undulations and defects that can be associated with timber substrates.
Technicité This solution provides a good pull out resistance as its integrity is not degraded by moisture unlike some timbers.
Simplicit√© de pose Insulated metal-faced panels can be installed quickly in large areas, offering a fast track installation process. When joints are taped can provide a temporary waterproof layer prior to the VMZINC standing seam roofing panels being installed.

VMZINC PLUS should always be used when installing on insulated metal-faced panels. This material is produced with a 60 micron thick organic coating to the underside.

For standing seam applications the outer skin must provide a minimum pull out value of 50daN for the standing seam fixing clip (dynamic testing method).

The insulated metal-faced panels must be made from galvanised steel on both internal and external facing (minimum thickness 0.7mm for external facing). Fixings and clips must not prevent the required expanison and contraction of the ZINC PLUS or cause any damage to the underside.

NB: A non-standard fixing clip must be used to ensure that this is achieved, the required centres for these clips should be confrimed with the relevant supplier and read in conjuction with our design guidance notes.

Please contact VMZINC (link to 14 services) for product specifications.


The information relating to the installation of insulation, plates and membranes is simply an indication, they should be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.






The insulated metal-faced panel must provide a 100% vapour barrier. This is normally achieved using a panel with vapour tight interlocking jointing system, it is the specifiers responsibility to ensure there is no risk of condensation in this type of roof construction and the use and humidity of the building should be considered before specifying this solution.


The joints, on the warm side, of the insulated metal panels and all penetrations should be sealed appropriately.


A VMZINC Breather Membrane must be installed between the ZINC PLUS and the top face of the insulated metal-faced panels.  The breather membrane must be taken into the gutter and overlapped 150mm if the pitch is greater than 14º or 25%  or 200mm if the pitch is between 25% - 40%. Joints should be taped if the pitch is lower than 25%, all penetrations should be taped. It gets hot under a metal roof and the VMZINC Membrane has been produced to withstand 100°C.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.