single lock standing seam

(Compact Roof) Standing Seam

Non-Vented roof on cellular glass, Foamglas


Warm Roof (non-vented) on cellular glass, Foamglas (Compact Roof)

This is the only system we recommend over any building with a high vapour drive, such as swimming pools, saunas etc.
Foamglas is the only system that prevents any water vapour passing through. As the system does not require mechanical fixings that penetrate the insulation, thermal bridges are greatly reduced. Cellular Glass offers a high performance insulation that is proven to be the only insulation that will never take up moisture.
Therefore, its K value remains constant through the life of the building and the only option in a high humidity building as it is vapour tight.


Zinc plus is available in:

 Natural Zinc PLUS,
 Blue, Brown, Green or Red

For appropriate tray widths please contact our Technincal Sales Managers.
This warm roof system allows the installation of Zinc plus standing seam on tapered or uniform thickness cellular glass insulation without penetrating fastenings.

Thickness 0.7mm
Weight* Kg/m² 6 kg/m² (Average)
Pitch from 3° to 60°
Consult our services for pitches that are higher

In the past people believed that they could only solve condensation problems in metal roofs by creating an airspace between the metal covering and the load bearing or insulating structure. Cellular Glass Insulation, Foamglass (Compact Roof) avoids this.

Technicité The unique benefits of Cellular Glass Insulation, Foamglas ensures that the VMZINC plus standing seam roof system is fully supported with an insulation which is able to withstand loads in excess of 1600kn/m2, without compression.
Simplicité de pose The joints of the Cellular Glass, Foamglas are sealed with cold adhesive or bitumen and due to the vapour proof/waterproof integrity of Foamglas NO water can accumulate within the glass cell structure.
Technicité Dimensionally stable, Vermin proof, chemical resistant and Non-Combustible qualities also ensure the constant long term thermal integrity remains constant for the lifetime of the building.
Technicité Ideal for buildings with high humidity levels eg swimming pools.
Technicité The only system with a BBA certificate allowing installation of a zinc roof on a building with a humidity class of 5.


  • Roofs with a pitch from 3° The only solution for high humitdy buildings this system can be installed on the following products (e.g. Timber, concrete, steel deck, according to the manufacturer’s specifications).
  • Cellular Glass Insulation, Foamglas offers resistance in any type of humid situations (refer to manufacturers recommendations).
  • Tapered or uniform thickness cellular glass insulation is available in board or slab format. (refer to Foamglas Cellular Glass Insulation manufacturer)
  • Double layering is possible (refer to Foamglas Cellular Glass Insulation manufacturer)




Cellular Glass Insulation, Foamglas is adhered to the substrate using a cold adhesive; the staggered joints of the board are closely butted ensuring a vapour tight seal (no vapour barrier is required).


The upper face of the cellular glass board has a bitumen and polyethylene protective layer.


Galvanised steel plates are applied to the upper side of the board surface, the bitumen upper surface is heated with a gas torch and the plates are inserted within the cellular glass insulation, a secure ‘non cold bridge’ bond is achieved.

The galvanised steel plates must be positioned in collaboration with the VMZINC installer.


A high performance bituminous membrane +3mm thick with a sanded finish is torch applied to the upper surface of the insulation with lapped joints, the flow of bitumen ensures the butted joints are sealed. This membrane covers the entire roof surface including the plates.


In order to avoid any contact between the ZINC PLUS and the sanded torch-on bituminous membrane, a polyethylene film is then installed.


The ZINC PLUS panels are fixed to this structure with VMZINC clips screwed into the galvanised steel plates.


For more information, please contact VMZINC.