single lock standing seam

Standing seam cold (vented) roof

on open gap boarding

  • Suitable for most buildings.
  • Roofs with a pitch from 3° to vertical.
  • Both renovation and new buildings.

Surface finishes as follows

 Natural Zinc,
Blue, Brown, Green or Red

Thickness 0.7mm
Weight* Kg/m² Approx 6 kg/m²
Pitch from 3° to 90°
Simplicité de pose Very versatile and easy to install substrate
Technicité Flexible beause it also permits 3D shapes to be clad in zinc


  • Clean and dry 100mm to 150mm wide, 18mm or 24mm thick softwood boarding, according to the rafter centres.
  • Any wood treatment products (fungicides, insecticides) must be dry and completely neutral in relation to VMZINC®.
  • The roof boards are fixed perpendicularly to the direction of the pitch leaving a 3mm to 5mm gap between them.

Boards to be securely fixed to the structure.

  • Maximum difference in height of 1mm between roof boards. The deflection measured under a rigid 600mm long straight edge cannot exceed 2mm in all directions.
  • The roof board nails are countersunk in order to avoid any contact with the VMZINC®.




VMZINC® is installed directly on the roof boarding.


A 50mm continuous air gap must be left clear beneath the roof boarding, on all the roof pitches.


Continuous ventilation openings are made at the top and bottom.


In order to keep the integrity of the roof, it is recommended to install a breather membrane on the cold side of the insulation and a vapour control layer adapted to the internal humidity load of the building, on the warm side of the insulation. A bituminous vapour barrier is recommended.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.