single lock standing seam

Standing seam G3


The Standing seam G3 ridge gives a streamline appearance to the roof. It is a standard VMZINC solution that can be used in warm and cold roof applications. The ridge can be easily installed following our Standing Seam G3 guidelines.

VMZINC is continuously improving its systems. Since the introduction of Standing seam numerous improvements have followed in quick succession.

In order to differentiate the most recent developments of the Standing seam from previous generations, it has been given the name G3.

This 3rd generation displays significant changes and aims at 2 key objectives:

  • 1. To promote the aesthetics of the roof: the aesthetic is now characterized by a greater purity of lines and shapes, this appeals to both architect and client.
  • 2. To improve the simplicity of installation: The simplicity and speed of execution will play to the advantage of the roofer by means of measurable time saving on the site.

Surface finishes as follows

- PIGMENTO or AZENGAR Special Order

Simplicité de pose Easy installation
Simplicité de pose Streamline Appearance
Technicité Standard VMZINC solution


Warm and cold roof applications

The ridge cap and its accessories can be used in all systems described in the Standing Seam installation manual. For the warm roof systems, you should use ZINC PLUS for the eaves/verge apron strip. For a Compact or Structural roof a wooden framework, firmly attached to the supporting structure, is required to secure the eaves/verge apron strip on to.




For installation refer to the standing seam G3 installation manual.


For more information, please contact VMZINC.