Flat Lock Panel (2)
Flat lock panel {content_images} Overview Flatlock panel can be installed aligned or staggered and both horizontally and vertically or even at an angle. The panels should be installed on a vertical wall or soffit.. The façade system involves laying the panels on a compatible wooden framework or plywood fixed to the supporting structure (masonry or metal structure). Panels can be square, rectangul

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Ornaments for everybody
Ornaments for everybody   {content_images} The VMZINC ornamental metal workers offer a new range in the pure tradition for roof ornaments. This range combines age-old skills with modern manufacturing techniques. It is traditional, elegant, resilient and offers a unique price-quality ratio. All finials and weather vanes are available in natural zinc and natural copper. The decorative gutter is only available in QUARTZ-ZINC.   Finials Compositions

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7.2.4 gutters
ornamental gutters   {content_images} Manufactured in QUARTZ-ZINC, this delightful gutter features a finely detailed ivy frieze that will blend naturally with your garden. As well as being a roofing accessory, with VMZINC the gutter becomes an ornament in its own right. In the spirit of vintage roof flashing, VMZINC offers this decorative gutter manufactured in the purest tradition of stamped metal ornaments.  

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Vintage ornaments
Vintage ornaments   {content_images} VMZINC ornamental metal workers have been manufacturing roof ornaments in zinc and copper for over one and a half centuries. As the only direct descendants in France of the 19th century workshops, they use their unique skills to contribute to the conservation of an historic heritage. As heirs of the Ateliers d'Art Fran├žais, VMZINC ornamental metal workers pass their craft on to apprentices

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7.2.2 compositions
compositions   {content_images}   Compositions are created using a finial on which a weather vane and its cardinal points are mounted, providing an elegant, light hearted finish to the roof. Choose VMZINC composition 209, with its weather cock stamped on one side and delivered in a self-assembly kit, or you may prefer to design your own personalised composition using a weather vane support finial and either a traditional silhouette or 3D weather vane.

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