Sine wave profile

What is Sine wave profile?

The Sine wave is a corrugated profile in zinc that can be fixed on a wooden or a metal (galvanised steel or aluminium) framework. The fixings are visible and this gives the façade an industrial look. It can be used to clad large surfaces of industrial and corporate buildings as well residential projects using contemporary design. Zinc is durable material and requires no maintenance. These profiles can be used to clad walls horizontally and vertically.



Type 18/76
Wave depth 18 mm
Wave width 76 mm
Useable width 836 mm
Length * From 1.8 m to 6 m
Weight ** (1 mm) 8.7 kg/sq. m

* Limited to 4 meters in mountain areas and exposed areas (500 m to seashore)
** Weight of the system / sq. m excluding framework.


Key Advantages:
Discrete Can be used to clad large wall surfaces
Technicit√© Perfect façade system for industrial buildings
Technicité Economical
Technicité Easy to install
  • New construction or refurbishment projects
  • Flat facade
  • All types of buildings, in particular office and public buildings and collective housing
1 The VMZINC Sine wave panels are through fixed onto a timber or metal substructure (galvanized steel 1.5mm or Aluminium 2.2mm) spaced at between 800mm and 1200mm depending on project loadings. All fasteners must be stainless steel.
2 For panels over 3m in length, holes must be slotted to allow for expansion and contraction.
3 A continuous 38 mm ventilated air gap is left clear behind the panels on the entire facade.
4 • Continuous ventilation openings are made at the top and bottom.
5 The insulation panels must be sufficiently rigid and well anchored to their structure to prevent them from moving and blocking the ventilation space (refer to the insulation manufacturer's specifications).
6 The cladding supports must be at least 60 mm wide to support the panels correctly.
7 Any wood treatment products (fungicides, insecticides) must be dry and completely neutral to VMZINC.
8 The plastic film must be removed within 2 months of installation. The film should be left on if other trades are working in proximity of the zinc. The film must not be partially removed.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.