Flat lock panel

Flatlock panel can be installed aligned or staggered and both horizontally and vertically or even at an angle. The panels should be installed on a vertical wall or soffit.. The façade system involves laying the panels on a compatible wooden framework or plywood fixed to the supporting structure (masonry or metal structure).

Panels can be square, rectangular or diamond shaped. The panels interlock into each other on the four sides and are secured with concealed fasteners and clips.

Flat lock panel offer a simple yet elegant cladding solution that provides a longitudinal flat seam.

Complex shape clad in Flat Lock.  


Thickness 0.7mm or 1mm
Centre to centre Up to 600mm
Weight* Approx 7kg/m²
Length up to 3m

(*) Weight of the system /sq. m excluding framework.

Panels with 10mm recessed joints are also possible

Please note that not all panel size combinations are possible. However panel sizes below are standard:

Key Advantages:
Simplicité de pose Versatile system with a traditional design
Simplicité de pose Vertical or horizontal installation as well as diamond panels
Technicité Hidden fastners
  • Panels can be installed on vertical walls and soffits
  • Panels can be used to clad curved supports
  • The panels engage one another on four sides using a 25mm, 180 degree folded hem and are secured with concealed fasteners and clips.

The VMZINC Flat lock panels are fixed to timber boarding. Plywood can be used but in this case ZINC PLUS must be used. Hidden cleats are used to attach the Flat lock panels.


A continuous 38mm ventilated air gap is left clear behind the boarding on the entire facade.


Continuous ventilation openings are made at the top and bottom.


The insulation panels must be sufficiently rigid and well anchored to their structure to prevent them from moving and blocking the ventilation space (refer to the insulation manufacturer's specifications).


Any wood treatment products (fungicides, insecticides) must be dry and completely neutral to VMZINC.


The fastenings for the wood or metal supports are countersunk in order to avoid any contact with the VMZINC.


The plastic film must be removed within 2 months of installation. The film should be left on if other trades are working in proximity of the zinc. The film must not be partially removed.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.