What is Adeka ?

Adeka is an innovative patented roof or facade system based on small pre-formed QUARTZ-ZINC elements featuring a unique locking key - for other finishes please contact us.


The Adeka diamond shaped tile can be installed on roofs as well as facades with slopes of 25% (15°) or more. Less than 10 Adeka elements are needed to cover 1 sqm and the easy assembly (no mechanical tools necessary) of Adeka makes installation simple.


Surface aspects: QUARTZ-ZINC

Thickness 0.65 mm
Useful dimensions 400 X 400 mm
Centre to centre 280 mm
Weight 7.5 kg/sq
No. elements/sq 8.8
Packaging 24 Adeka / 2.7 sq pack

Characteristics of this technique

A polystyrene wedge is bonded to the underside of the Adeka and ensures the rigidity of the panel.

Light weight (750g) and is suitable for all types of structures.

Adeka elements are weather resistant thanks to the 5 cm overlap, raised edges at the top, and dropped edges on the bottom, and a polystyrene wedge bonded to the underside of the Adeka.

Key Advantages:
Technicité Small preformed elements,
Innovation Innovative and patented,
Discrete Aesthetic of diamond shaped,
Discrete Aesthetic of transverse line of offset joint,
Innovation Ingenious locking key system making it easy and fast to install.
  • Pitched roofs with slopes from 25% (15°) or more and facades.
  • All climates. For mountain areas, additional waterproofing maybe necessary.

Adeka is laid on 18mm vented plywood covered with Membrane or on open gap boarding.

For 20° - 30° (36% - 60%) roofs use a continuous deck. For roofs steeper than 30° (60%) or facades, Adeka can be laid on battens with 203 mm centre-to-centre span.

The support must be continuous for 40 cm adjacent to special features such as corner or bottom flashing.

Minimum pullout strength: 50 daN.


18mm plywood ventilated by a 50mm ventilation air gap. Air inlet and air outlet are required at the ridge and at the eaves.


Begin laying from the eaves up, folding the locking key under the fold of the eaves flashing.


Insert the Adeka element via the locking key into the appropriate grooves made in the lower elements. Then fix each Adeka onto the wooden deck in the pre drilled holes.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.